Director of Marketing & Communications, CMA National

Do you have the ability to communicate across multiple platforms, while keeping the messaging on brand? The Director of Marketing & Communications will oversee the promotion of CMA and all content in collaboration with Digital Content, Events and Membership teams. The Director will have the opportunity to build and expand the communications reach of the organization via web, email, print, and social media, while maintaining CMA National and its chapters’ brand identity across all platforms.


  • Develop and implement a unified CMA marketing and communications strategy that promotes CMA to multiple audiences
  • Develop and maintain promotional materials and partnerships with CMA officers, industry organizations, and sponsors
  • Ensure the continuity of brand image and tone across web, email and print web materials for CMA events and communications
  • Oversee the Social Media Coordinator in the maintenance of CMA social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and the Design Coordinator in the implementation of branding
  • Track and respond to platform trends across CMA web, social media, and newsletters
  • Draft and disseminate press releases to targeted channels as needed
  • Performs all other duties of a CMA officer including attending officer meetings, attending events as needed, and participating in communications between officers as needed

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Must have strong communication and copy editing skills (verbal, written, and electronic)
  • Must have a command of Microsoft Office and Google Drive applications
  • Must have a strong understanding of Twitter and social media applications
  • Demonstrated ability to write and connect with a digital media audience
  • The ability and passion to attend events as a representative of CMA


Please send a short statement (200 words or less) as well as a current resume to [email protected].

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